Yvé collection

Yvé is a spanish company born with the purpose of bringing functional, unique and high quality design closer to current ways of living. Terms such as freedom, flexibility and responsibility define today’s society and its new demands, as well as the genesis of Yvé. From textile goods produced without polluting dyes to research-based design products, all of them, designed to meet present needs.

We are always looking for the best producers that adapt to our philosophy wherever it is necessary to create original pieces. Our production, from the best “Made in Italy” to produce our furniture to the hands of the master weavers of The IOU Project to create our Home Textile Collection, is always based on careful details and high manufacturing quality.

Everything is done with the intention of offering the best product at a reasonable price, avoiding third parties that increase the price of the product to the final consumer. For this, we rely on an e-commerce platform supported by a structure that controls every step, from the quality of the product before being sent to the arrival at its final destination. This allows us to offer the end customer a set of products and services which fits his needs.